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Scott Ian Spoken Word

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian will release Swearing Words in Glasgow, a spoken word DVD, on 11.11.14

“I’ve always loved musicians like Jello Biafra and Henry Rollins, who have the balls to do spoken word performances. It’s just them and the mike. There’s no band to make them look good or cover up their mistakes. They’re alone, naked. It’s seemed like a really cool thing to do, but I’m not especially political and while I’m interested in a lot of different subjects from good food to great comic books, I’m not enough of an expert in any one area to get onstage and talk about it like I know any more than anyone else.

Then over the past five years or so I’ve been lucky enough to become really good friends with some great comedians, like Brian Posehn and Patton Oswalt. We’d sit around and swap stories, and I realized they were as interested in the stories I have about my bands Anthrax and S.O.D., the people I’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with — like Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead, Gene Simmons from KISS, the late Dimebag Darrell from Pantera and cutting my teeth alongside the guys in Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth – as I was in their jokes.

The thought of doing spoken word still terrified me, but they helped convince me that I’ve had a bunch of really stupid, funny, tragic and triumphant experiences over the last 10 years or so and that if I could write them all down or at least put them into some sort of order, I’d have at least a couple hours’ worth of material that Anthrax fans, and anyone who likes nerdy (nerdy meaning cool) shit like Star Wars, Stephen King, drinking and sports might want to hear.

Still, being able to sit with my friends in a bar and tell entertaining stories was a long way from standing in front of a paying crowd telling stories that would hopefully entertain them. And, I had no idea how to go about actually booking a show. I just had this big idea that I could do speaking shows and eventually it’d happen.

And it did. Anthrax fans have always been loyal and supportive and that has allowed me to act like a rock star for more than 30 years. So, I wanted to reach out first to my fans to help finance this one-of-a-kind DVD that reveals more about me, my sense of humor and my bizarre career than anything you’ve ever read or seen.”

— Scott


IAmDynamite Are Coming!

IAmDynamite are in tour, trekking across the country with Sum 41.  Check out when they are coming to a town near YOU.

Megaforce Infiltrates Rock of Ages

Is it possible to do a music about 80’s metal and no include Megaforce Records? Of course not! The Megaforce logo recently overlooked the Rock of Ages recent red-carpet premiere.  The film stars Tom Cruise and Megaforce Records.





















Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Spotified

The Chris Robinson Brotherhood’s new release Big Moon Ritual is currently being featured on Spotify’s New Release Now playlist.

Spectrum Road – Spectrum Road

Spectrum Road is a groundbreaking collaboration between four giants of modern music:
Jack Bruce, Vernon Reid, John Medeski and Cindy Blackman Santana.

Spectrum Road is named for one of the incendiary tracks on the original Tony Williams Lifetime album, but as these
four musicians demonstrate on their debut recording, this isn’t a tribute band. After making rock history with Eric
Clapton and Ginger Baker in Cream, legendary British bassist Jack Bruce joined the Lifetime for two records thus
serving as Spectrum Road’s direct connection to their muse. The group is artfully rounded out with famed guitarist
Vernon Reid, of Living Colour, and multi-keyboardist John Medeski, one-third of the juggernaut Medeski,
Martin & Wood. Made famous by her ten plus years backing Lenny Kravitz, Cindy Blackman Santana has
distinguished herself as an impressively versatile player who’s as comfortable on post-bop sessions with Joe
Henderson and Wallace Roney as she is touring with pop stars like Kravitz and husband Carlos Santana. The
formidable lineup of Spectrum Road assures the legacy of Tony Williams lives on, and clearly qualifies as a major
2012 music event.

For More Information, Check Out Spectrum Road’s Facebook Page.

Lit – A View From the Bottom

Lit is set to release their sixth album, The View From
The Bottom, on June 19th on Megaforce Records.

The new album does its due service in chronicling the
events of their past eight years, still together, but
dealing with situations for which the word heavy
would be a glaring understatement.

The View From The Bottom is the unmistakable sound
of a great rock band getting on with it, and doing so
with reverence for those they’ve lost, a healthy
modicum of danger, and not to mention, a sense of fun.

And for more information about Lit, please visit:

Flying Colors – A Super Group

Flying Colors is Mike Portnoy (drums, vocals), Dave LaRue (bass), Neal Morse (keyboards, vocals),
Casey McPherson (lead vocals, guitar), and Steve Morse (guitar).

In 2008, executive producer Bill Evans brought the idea to the world renowned musicians and
producer Peter Collins.  Intrigued by the idea and the prospect of working together, the four
musicians signed on to form a band and record a first album.  Flying Colors convened for just
nine days in early 2011, and composed and recorded this album during a short and intense

MXPX New Release

Nearing two decades of playing together, it was late 2010 when drummer Yuri Ruley questioned being in the band
and performed what he thought would be his last performance as a full-time member of MxPx at Wasted Space in
The Hard Rock Cafe, Las Vegas. At the same time, guitarist Tom Wisniewski turned in his part-time status as well,
taking on a full-time job in Bremerton. Vegas provided more than a chance to reminisce about the past through their
first full Life In General live set, the sold-out show helped rekindle the spark of creativity, reaffirming that Ruley and
Wisniewski would continue with the band but would drastically scale back on touring. Both have since remained
members of the band and are gearing up for the release of their ninth full-length album, to be released within the US
and Canada on April 3, 2012 through MRI/Rock City Recording Company.

Hank3 Supports Animal Shelters!



Hank3 recently did a promotional video for the Happy Tails Humane Shelter in Nashville and also promotes shelter animals in general over purchasing them.


Check out the video: HERE


Bootsy Review

Legendary Funkster Bootsy Collins returns with a new record, Bootsy Collins: Tha Funk Capital of Da World through Mascot Records.  The release features guest appearances by Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg and Chuck D.   Check out the four star review by The Guardian.

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